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Strongmen – something of an unknown quantity. In sporting terms it slips under the radar of the more commercialised sports offerings, but is equally, as if not more fascinating.

Ask most people about World’s strongest man and they will tell you they love to watch it at Christmas. However this is screened 6 months after the competition has took place, usually on channel 5. What sport does that?

As many of my networks on Linkedin are aware, around my consultancy work on health and wellbeing projects I manage, organise and run strongman shows, roadshows and publicity stunts with these awesome guys.


One of my athletes, who I personally sponsor to support his career, is England’s current strongest man. At only 22 years of age he is the youngest ever competitor to win the title after battling it out in London earlier this year. Dedication and hard training.

After starting these shows from scratch and learning about my audiences I have had an insight into the opportunities the sport can bring. Quite simply what these athletes can do is quite simply breath taking.

My target audiences may be a surprise. Rather than burley men turning out to watch our events, and you do get some, the number one fans are women and children. When we give access to the crowd to have ‘selfies’ with National strongmen it simply goes down a storm.

That’s why our clients have commissioned us to operate strength roadshows in shopping centres, leisure parks and retail centres bringing the athletes to customers – which has worked very well.

Our traditional sponsors of such shows and events, for example supplement companies have been replaced by car dealerships, or fast food outlets keen to see their brand associated with strength and increasing footfall with strongmen.

If you think about it deadlifting 500kg is an amazing feat of strength (the current world record), but weights on a bar don’t tell the full story or look half as impressive as every-day objects being lifted, pulled or carried.

For instance the very idea of lifting a car, something we drive to work in and on school runs on a daily basis, is quite clearly insane to most of us. In the World of strongmen it’s pretty standard.

Pulling a truck, or bus weighing up to 20 tonnes in weight across a 20 metre distance in the quickest time is another crowd favourite and achievable by most athletes. The trick is getting it moving and I tend to use the ‘bigger’ men for these re 25 stone in weight and over 6 feet 5 inches tall.


When you have a background of marketing and then work with in a sport you get the insight to get to know the sport and cherry pick the best elements that sell and can work for business. Super strongman has done this.

Standing inside an adapted car and then picking it up and carrying it across a distance is another mightily impressive show. However in stark contrast a simple tug of war with crowd participation is equally as entertaining and the crowd love it. Often they get involved.

The crux of this article is the sport of strongman is growing. It’s different, un accessible to most but through my operating brand super strongman available to come out as an event, or as part of an event, strength demo. In fact you name it we can do it.

We have been asked to dress as Romans for a City festival (24 stone 6 feet 9 inches tall men look good as gladiators), Santa’s and theming our events and equipment around a Halloween, Easter or Xmas theme.

We have pulled several tractors with a Guinness World record holder for farm parks, buses for community transport schemes and business anniversary events.  We have even pulled two brand new Mitsubishis for a dealership on an athletics track for a media event and show

We even do themed shows for shopping centres and retail parks re Father’s day strength demo with UK’s strongest junior, England’s strongest man and Yorkshire’s strongest man – LAKESIDE STRONGEST MAN/

The most interesting thing about the sport is the way we can tailor the strength of these guys to tie in with some many marketing messages businesses want to convey.

We can even be part of staff health days and ran ‘lighter’ strongman taster sessions for staff with a Guinness World Record holder instructor. It causes quite a stir. Or a strongman tug of war at a workplace between departments.

For example brand alignment around strength, power (steel industry), reliability, grip (tyres), emission free (bus pulls for example using a strongman). We also do bus pulls with passengers on board which always looks impressive.


Our next idea is to run a National bus (preferably) or truck pulling league in 3 areas of England (South, Midlands and North) with the top 3 from each area across 3 weight categories progressing to the final.

The alternative option to this is to run a day of bus pulling in a chosen town / City to partner with, a bus or coach operator to supply a vehicle and we will secure the biggest strongman names in England to participate. Jump on board and sponsor us.

To do this as a first for England we would need a sponsor to resource the event and then we will project manage it supplying the sponsor with the marketing objectives they require.

Aside from this I offer the only strength show on the road, fully MC’d, all equipment and protective floor matting provided and full public liability and event insurance.

Contact me at / Facebook: @superstrongman28 Twitter: @superstrongmen with your ideas and we can make it happen.




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