Ten thoughts on reframing transport policy  as a health investment

Great read Greg. I visited a the National bus expo conference recently. After a discussion with seat manufaturers they were struggling to design seats for bus dirvers in an already tight cockpit area for up to 30 stone bus drivers. This is a great indicator of sednetary jobs and its effects something I know some bus operators are trying to address. https://andrewjamespicken.com/2016/11/06/driven-to-inactivity/

Sheffield DPH

Air quality is a problem. We don’t walk enough, we don’t cycle enough, many argue we drive too much esp for short journeys.

I’m often asked my view of the solution to “the air quality problem”.

My stock answer is – “drive less, walk and cycle more, get the bus, plant trees, the end”.

I accept these things are harder to achieve than say. We are increasingly overwhelmed with pressing health priorities. Pressing health priorities will not be solved by investment in health services, other sectors make far greater impact. Transport is one of these. From my (admittedly limited) worldview, transport is dominated by the road + car is king mindset and engineering solutions. Maybe Im wrong, but…..

We all want more cycling and walking. We all want better air quality. However “a few schemes to encourage more cycling” won’t lead to much large scale change.

Changing the rules by…

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