Sport England funding has changed tact. For those working in the sphere of grass roots sport development (County Sport Partnerships, National Governing Bodies etc), they now have a different audience to engage. A challenging one.

The audience is the type of people we need to engage in physical activity to change the tide of Western living that for some reason limits our capacity to move more. Indeed Sport England have been tasked with tackling the most inactive in society.

The call out is clear from SE. They want Cities, NGB’s and Organisations working in the field to bring forward projects and ideas –many untested, that have the potential to reach those that are most inactive.

Funding programmes set targets amongst participation in recreational sport (not just talent and skills based), but walking, running and cycling and many more outdoor activities.

SE also recognise the need to remove barriers to physical activity participation. ‘This girl can’ and campaigns to help resonate with people from all walks of life.

An interesting fund is the tackling inactivity round two due out in April.  It will support inactive people who have little income and are therefore economically disadvantaged. This group make up a third of the population in England aged 16 to 74 – 14.6 million people.



As with Active Ageing – which was the first round of the tackling inactivity fund – SE want to be innovative and test out bold ideas.

When they launch the fund, a prospectus will be published with all the information you’ll need and begin inviting applications, which will be assessed, before moving into a more formal stage two assessment.

As SE keep emphasising ‘bold’ in their approach and testing new Ideas, I suspect they will be open to working with non – traditional organisations who they haven’t worked with previously so keep up to date with SE announcements.



Fund: Tackling Inactivity and Economic Disadvantage

Value: £3 million National Lottery

Opening: mid-April 2017

Anticipated size of bids: £2m pot – up to a maximum of £500,000; £1m pot – a range from £10,000 to £100,000.

Full details and prospectus: mid-April 2017

Invitation for applications: mid-April 2017


For more funding information on funding streams across the UK Contact or follow this blog.


For Sport England specific funding contact them directly

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