Preventing diabetes. Indivudal vs population based approaches – on emptying an ocean with a teaspoon

Sheffield DPH

PHE and SSHaRR have published the diabetes prevention programme return on investment tool. It’s fantastic. Really like it and good effort to them!

I ran the numbers for my patch –
I hope I have interpreted correctly….and I would be happy to be corrected, just what I had a look at whilst I was having a sandwich at lunch.

DPP and return on investment of services delivered individual by individual

Whilst I’ve suggested in these paramaters that the uptake is 32% of those offered and the DPP is 25% less efficacious than the DPP trials (NNT = 7 over 5yrs), I think that’s also highly optimistic……..

(I retain my concern about all the efficacy / effectiveness real world issues etc)

And before I get started on the very term pre diabetes – see here

So…. If I have interpreted rightly -

we will spend £170k in 1 (or…

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