The Move More workplace challenge 2018 – WHY BE INVOLVED?


There are real business benefits behind the fun of the workplace challenge for the Sheffield City region that runs in June – as part of Sheffield’s Move More strategy to become the most active City in the UK by 2020. Aside from the value placed on an individual’s / employee good health –  the foundation of any workplace wellbeing programme – the return on investment is a boardroom lever that must champion the cause.

Sheffield realises that to hardwire physical activity back into the fabric of peoples lives, linked to improved mental wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing, will have a positive impact on the City’s ability to balance an economy using improved public health outcomes. These interventions to turn the tide of inactivity will reduce hospital admissions and potentially ease the pressure on local health and care systems carrying the burden of inactive populations later in life. An economy boost.

The workplace challenge is a simple way to engage business in an online competition to disseminate the benefits of physical activity to business whilst creating an awareness about Move and More and the World class resources available to business across the City Region. You compete for active minutes = the most active workplace wins and it isn’t too late to enter here NOW –

Move More initiatives cover schools, community and public sector partnerships to ensure positive health outcomes across the City’s health system are achieved with a particular focus on addressing inactivity.

In a workplace context move more is constantly evolving using reflection and learning to tailor approaches to getting people to move more. Supported by behavioural change principles and evidence based practice driven by academic expertise move more can contribute to effective health and wellbeing programmes across business.

See my article here on embedding physical activity across business functions including Human Resources

Use the free move more toolkit (brand assets and logos) to show your contribution and support for one of the UK’s most visionary strategies tackling population level inactivity across its City residents.


And physical activity is a real driver for employee engagement, Health and safety prevention strategies, contributing to pay and reward programmes and an absolute content machine for marketing, talent recruitment and retention. A valued employee working at a ‘great’ company that invests in employee health can be a deal breaker.

We have developed a suite of move more resources, products and systems such as elite sports engineering equipment. These systems can track activity levels using sensors and NFC Technology linked to bespoke workplace challenges. We also have a new system of programmed lights in buildings that go up stairs at different paces to encourage physical activity using stair climbing as just a few examples.


So join in the workplace challenge and try and scoop the prestigious ‘most active workplace award’. Email to me to find out how we can make your workplace active and activate move more buildings and people to move more with our expertise using behavioural change methods and employee engagement strategies.

Come down and see us at the Olympic Legacy Park 12 pm Friday 15th June where England’s strongest man 2016 will pull a Double DECKER BUS for move more month – free spectacle.  Olympic Legacy Park, Attercliffe Common, Sheffield S9 3TL.


Or partner move more as part of your wider marketing or CSR Strategy to be part of the making Sheffield the most active City in the UK by 2020 –

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